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that pesky minfernal.
02-27-2013, 01:18 AM
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that pesky minfernal.
idk how many of you are actually as obsessed with getting all of these pets as i am, but if any of you are there's a good chance you've been trying to get the minfernal and haven't had much luck because blizzard thought it'd be funny to put a super long respawn timer on a pet that spawns in one of those ridiculous crz areas.

a friend of mine linked me to a post on wowhead that offers an alternative way to get this pet (camping for hours or just getting super lucky being the first two methods, of course). i personally haven't had luck with this method (probably due to the fact that i've only attempted it once and i have terrible timing with this kind of thing.. i also seem to have terrible luck when it comes to the minfernal and this new method does require a bit of luck), but i know a few people that have successfully captured a minfernal this way. anyways, here are the step by step instructions for attempting this method. this was taken directly from the wowhead post, which i will link at the bottom.

1. Start in Mt. Hyjal at the Nordrassil flight path. Hyjal is generally on a different CRZ than Felwood, so once you are in Hyjal you will enter a different zone. This part is important, otherwise you're just flying from path to path within the current crz. This flight path will work for Horde or Alliance characters. (However, if you find after a few attempts that this particular path doesn't work, another option for Horde characters is to fly from Orgrimmar to Whisperwind.)

2. Make a targetting macro of your choice. The most basic requirement is /tar Minfernal but if you like to add in fancy things like sounds, screenshots, and the like, feel free. (However, do note that if you use a whisper mod such as WIM, you may not want to include macro code that will whisper you upon finding the spawn, as I found that these mods can steal focus in your window, such that spamming your "Interact with Target" key ends up typing in the chat box instead.)

3. Bind this macro to a key. I like 4.

4. Under Esc > Key Bindings > Targeting Functions, bind a separate key to "Interact With Target." I chose the period key so that I could hit one button with my left hand and the other button with my right hand.

5. Now, from Hyjal, take the flight path down to Wildheart Point. When you choose the taxi path at the flight master, you will notice that this flight path includes a directly vertical line from Whisperwind Grove to Wildheart Point. This path is going to fly you right over Shatter Scar Vale but, what's more, the gryphon WILL take you low enough to interact with Minfernal spawns!

6. While on the gryphon, wait until you pass through Irontree Woods, then start pressing your targeting macro. As you pass through Shatter Scar Vale if there are other Minfernals up in the CRZs you're flying through, you'll be able to target one.

7. Once you have a target acquired, spam the heck out of your "Interact with Target" button. It will require a little bit of luck and may require a few tries, but there are Minfernals walking around that you will be low enough to interact with.

8. If you don't get the pet, once you land at Wildheart Point just fly back to Hyjal and try again. Bonus: If you don't already have your Nordrassil Wisp from Hyjal, you can use the same tactic to capture that pet on your return flight.

and that's it. the original comment on wowhead can be found here: (along with some other helpful tips from people who have successfully captured a minfernal this way). also, i have a feeling this is probably something that will be hotfixed by blizzard in a future patch so try it while you can. because we all know how much blizzard hates it when we find easier ways to do something in game.
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03-05-2013, 12:25 PM
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RE: that pesky minfernal.
Thanks for posting this! I'm gonna give it a shot....I'll post my results.
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03-22-2013, 01:27 PM
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RE: that pesky minfernal.
My Minfernal results....The targeting worked & I have to believe the interaction would have if my lag wasn't so high.

I did get a Minfernal a rare even! although it wasn't from the strategy posted here it did help, After I landed I went to the cords that were shown when I had a Minfernal targeted while flying & it was there! Now, this was probably extremely lucky & won't be the case every time.
But if you don't get it during flight its worth checking out the spot you had one might just be there!
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