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a few leveling tips
11-28-2012, 09:14 PM
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a few leveling tips
- Don't focus on leveling just one pet. As soon as you have all three of your pet battle slots available, start leveling three pets at a time. At level 5, the wild pets will start to have one secondary pet. At level 10 or 15 (I can't remember which, sorry), they start coming with two secondary pets. A lot of the time, just one pet can handle three wild pets in battle, but it's definitely helpful to have two more readily available if you run into trouble (especially if you're trying to capture a rare).

- If you plan on completing the tamer quests, plan on leveling at least one of every type of pet. As you get further along in these quests, the battles get more difficult. There are many cases where you need a certain type of pet to defeat a tamer's pets because they do significantly more damage to certain types of pets.

- The best pets to use in all battles are rare quality pets. The uncommon quality pets can work out just fine most of the time, but the rare quality pets have more health and higher stats, making them stronger than the other quality pets.

- PVP pet battling is probably the fastest way to level, as it gives the most xp when you win a battle. If you don't want to level by doing the pvp pet battles, then I suggest taking your pets into zones where the wild pets are a level or two higher. If the pets you're battling are higher level than your pets, your pets will recieve extra xp when you win the battle.

- If you plan on leveling more than one team of pets at the same time, I suggest downloading the addon PetBattle Teams. This addon will let you create up to 60 different teams and it makes it much easier to switch between teams of pets.

Feel free to add any other tips you may have for leveling to this thread.
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02-27-2013, 12:50 AM
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RE: a few leveling tips
here's a couple more tips that i have. these two tips in particular played a huge part in me getting the pro pet crew (30 pets to level 25) achievement.

- if you have at least two level 25 pets you can usually get through any pet battle in pandaria zones without any trouble. put the pet you want to level in your first slot. it's best if they are at least level 5 or higher because you have to have them out for one full round in order for them to get any credit for being part of the battle and most pets lower than level 5 won't have enough health to make it through a first round attack. use the pet you're trying to level for the first round of the battle, then switch to your level 25s. at the end of the battle, the pet under level 25 will get all of the xp. you can do this in pretty much any pandaria zone, as most of the pets are between levels 23 and 25. however, i have found that the vale of eternal blossoms is the best place. there is always a stable master nearby for healing up your pets (at our inn, by the flight path), so you don't have to spent tons of time flying around to get to a stable master for a heal. if you do want to try this in vale, i suggest getting a flying pet to level 25 (i use the guardian cub) because they do increased damage against aquatic pets and most of the pets in the vale are aquatic.

- if you've got the pandaria pet battles dailies unlocked and there are fights that you're confident you can win with just two level 25s, you can put a pet you want to level in the first slot. just like above, the pet you're leveling has to go first and survive one full round. the xp you'll get at the end of the battle for the leveling pet is INSANE. i always use a pet i want to level in the battles against farmer nishi, hyuna, and courageous yon.

i also have tons of suggestions about team makeups for the various pet battle tamers, so feel free to whisper me in game if you want any suggestions in that area. you'll usually find me on either camillah or violah. the other toons you may find me on are velleni, catelynn, and kimmie. and monroe, obviously.
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